Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Time...where did it go???

Holy crap! I have TWO followers!?! My buddy Ken...and a new friend named Max! Look at that...would ya!?!

O.K., so this Friday, September 18th and Saturday, September 19th, in McHenry Illinois, at an honest to god drive-in, you can see The Creature From The Black Lagoon and Invasion Of The Body Snatchers!!!

The theater, for the end of the year, has been having their "Flashback Weekend". I've now been that the theater the past two weekend. First for Grease, which I am no fan of, and last weekend for the double bill of E.T. and Jaws. They announced that these flashback weekends have been doing better business than the first run movies that they normally do during the summer. I am actually holding out hope that they will be deciding to quit with the first runs and actually take up doing this type of stuff more often. It would have the theater much more enjoyable.

Yes, it is a full functioning drive-in with a nice big concession stand with hot dogs, pizza, popcorn, tons of candy, ice cream lots of other junk foods. The concession also comes with video games! Plus, in the corner, they have a bit of a watch dog, as you can see here getting ready to eat my son. He did survive the attack though. He's a sturdy little kid who has survived many monster attacks so far. I'll post more if anybody actually wants to see them.

The prices are also perfect: adults are $4.00 and kids are $2.00! Riders in the trunk are, as always, free of course, so long as you don't get caught!

So if anybody is looking for a classic Horror weekend, this coming weekend will be perfect! If you can't go, check back here on Monday and I will be hoping to have lots of pictures posted from the weekend. Yes, I plan to go both nights!

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  1. Boy I'd love to see Creature From The Black Lagoon at the drive-in... are they showing it in 3D? Have a great time!

    PS: And now you have 3 followers!

  2. Just saw this!
    No, it wasn't going to be in 3-D, and as you can see by my newest update, Creature wasn't shown. Sadly. I'm hoping tonight will have a showing.
    Yes, I see I now have three followers! I absolutely LOVE your site Karswell! One of my fave stops online for sure!

  3. Great post. You'd love the annual Drive-In Super Monster-Rama they have here in the Pittsburgh area.