Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Before I start getting comments...I know the logo sucks. It was started a little while ago and at the time I had grand designs for it. I was even going to be having the kids draw one up. But the one the kids did never really materialized. Well...it did kind of...and if they finish I will probably switch. But it wasn't "blocky" enough.

So here is this one, and it sucks. But I kind of saw it starting to suck as I started to color it...and I kind of liked how much it sucked. So I ran with it and decided to see just how much it could suck, without my intentionally making it suck. If that makes sense. Kind of like how you can't make a successfully campy movie if you TRY to make it campy. Same mindset with this logo. I knew it would suck, so I ran with it, but I didn't intentionally turn it bad. The final straw for it sucking was how it is hanging over the right side. I got it fixed at one point, but then did a little touch up to the actual picture, and when I re-imported the picture, it hung back over. So it was destined to hang like that.

So there it is...the new logo...and it sucks.

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