Monday, October 19, 2009


For the past few years I have held a little Halloween Filmfest at my house for my daughter and her friends. Well, at first it was mainly just to give me an excuse to watch movies all day, my kind of movies. But I decided I would also tie it into my kids so it would appear that I was a great guy caring only for the kids. Those who know me though know better and were never really fooled by this.

This year though I have run into a little bit of a problem. Every stinking weekend has been booked with one activity or another (two of them taken up by a trip to Walt Disney World, which explains why the blog updates vanished, but I am NOT complaining about that). This has left me with no Saturday to be able to do my filmfest.

That is aside from the actual day of Halloween itself!

The problem I have run into with this though is that I have all ready been told by my daughter that many of her friends will NOT be able to make it if we shoot for Halloween as the actual day. So I was toying with the idea of holding it the following weekend, but the girl says "no" to that idea.

Well, in my trying to sort this out, my wife brought something to my attention. If you have read this blog before, or just scroll down a little, you will see that the drive-in theater by my house ended their summer run with a few Horror films. Well, these same folks also own a little second run theater, indoor style. My wife showed me an ad they are running right now.

On Halloween night, October 31st, Saturday at midnight (so I guess technically that would be Sunday...or is it still Saturday...) they will be showing:


I am fast falling in love with the owners of this the way!

This pretty much made up my mind. The fest will go on that day. The kids cool enough to stick around or show up will get the extra treat of taking in an actual midnight showing of a super cool flick!

This, by the way, is almost some odd synergy at work, as my daughter right now is on a HUGE Hammer kick. So this actually works quite well.